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If you have to commit yourself up-front to a partner, a supplier or other professional relationships,
it would perhaps reassure you to be informed about his reliability and track record.

- Company identity
- Financial health
- Shareholders background
- Administrative investigation
- Relationships with employees, customers, suppliers
- Company reputation

Has your product been copied or marketed before you have had the chance to launch it yourself ?
Why? Maybe you would like to know how one of your employees on assignment in Asia is using his
time ?

- Frauds
- swindles
- Sourcing

These are just some of the many assignments we may carry out for companies

As soon as you entrust a mission to us, we set out with you our action and time framework in
which we can hope to obtain “the desired result”.

We have all the most recent means of investigation and good relationships within Thai society.

We keep you informed, day to day, of the results of our investigations.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an initial meeting or further information.