Asked questions

May you remain incognito, even in rural area?

It is obvious that a foreigner cannot go unnoticed in Thailand, particularly outside the main cities. For these missions, we have Thais investigators available who are reliable and experienced, some of them with several years’ service in our company.

What are your rates, extra fees included?

Our rates are adapted to the cost of living in Thailand, and cannot be compared to European rates. Our extra fees are included in the quote we submit to you before starting, in Bangkok and Pattaya areas. In other regions, we have to add extra costs for travel expenses

Do you succeed eachtime?

Some cases are difficult to crack. For tricky missions (such as the long term disappeared), we calculate our chances of success according to the facts we have. We proceed step by step and we decide together with you, whether to go ahead or not.

What are your main assets

First of all, we are located in Thailand. Some companies you see on Internet subcontract. We have a reliable network in the different administrations, that helps us for obtaining quick answers about private and companies. Our rates are affordable. We have a special price (one week) for spying, the most frequent type of investigation. Our staff performs at your best, adapted to the new technologies.

Do you refuse some assignments ?

Yes, mainly cases investigated by the Thai Police (usually criminal cases)

Who are your clients?

80 % of our clients are private clients, all foreigners, and 20 % are business clients. Our website has been created for a westerner population, we do of course speak English, the language used by mnay foreigners in Thailand. We have the same site in french language