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Private detective for investigations, Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Samui, and Provinces

The concept of discretion is of primary importance in Thailand. The Thais, indeed, are very observant and curious about the life which surrounds them and it is thus very important to carry out a mission that our agents are extremely careful in each involvement.
In Thailand for more than 12 years, we have gained invaluable insight into the customs, habits and rules that exist within Thai society and everyday life. We have been able to develop contacts within each social class, facilitating enormously the speed and efficiency of our work.

About us

A large experience, reliable staff and network, new methods, moderate rates

Making contact with a private detective is not an easy thing to do. Why choose an agency rather than another? Unrecognised profession, how not to make a mistake? What should we expect from the service provided? What will be the cost? And within what time framework?
We consider that the experience and professionalism of a reliable network of people, together with reasonable and adapted rates are necessary for a trustworthy and successful mission assignement.

How do we proceed?

Informed day by day

Most of the time the first contact is by e-mail, telephone, or in person if you are in Thailand. You run your concerns by us and according to your information,we determine an action, deadlines and the cost of investigation.
We begin as soon as you give your consent. Modern means of communication (video,digital cameras, internet,)allow us to act efficiently and communicate the results of our mission to you step by step.
New procedures such as the telephone programs skype, whats'app, line, Viber, reduce the costs considerably.

Frequent detective investigations

Our detective begins the mission as soon as the “target” leaves the house, apartment, or work. He checks if she is escorted or not, what she is doing, who she meets, and where. He notices every detail and takes pictures for evidences. He can works 24 hours if necessary.

By an administrative investigation, who allows us, through official documents, to know the ”target” status: What is her official address, how old she is, is she married or not, have been married, does she has babies, how old are they, what is the father’s name. Does she has judicial records, what is the name of the parents and brothers sisters, how old are they.

If the surveillance takes place in a closed area (a bar for example), our detective will be getting used with the situation. He can looks like a tourist in an area for foreigners. He will only observe but he will not bring out the ’’target’’. However , If the target moves to an hotel for example , he will follow and take pictures.

If a foreigner, who was living in Thailand passed away, it’s sometimes necessary to investigate about the assets, bank accounts of the dead person. Most of the time, we work in connection with a lawyer.

Missing people and wanted objects:
We have many ways to find out a missing people or object. To be successful depends how long the disappearance dates.

Company status:
We can provide all the information concerning the companies: creation date, capital, number of shareholders, their name, percent of shares for each shareholder, name and function of the managers. If necessary, the balance sheet of the companies with profits and loss.

Company reputation:
Relationships with clients, with suppliers, with employees. Turnover, Judicial proceedings, counterfeits.

Asked questions

Some answers to your questions , such as rates, extra fees, our team, credible references, and others could be find in this heading. Dont'hesitate to take a look


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